Saroj Ghoting, Early Literacy Consultant

“I recommend Katie as a well-qualified consultant for organizations seeking staff training to improve services to Latino and Spanish-speaking communities.  Her passion for serving the Latino community and helping others to do so shine through everything she does…In working together informally on projects, I have learned much from her perspective, her ability to be a bridge between library staff who do not speak Spanish and are not Latino (like myself) and the Latino communities. She presents knowledge, strategies, and insights about Latino culture, Latino communities in the US, and the Spanish language while offering encouragement and enthusiasm to catapult library staff into action and to improve services that are already offered. While being a participant in her trainings I can vouch first hand that she is approachable, engaging, encourages discussion and participation. She is able to use her own rich experiences to the trainings and acknowledges challenges and successes…I wholeheartedly recommend working with her in order to educate and empower staff to improve library services to Latino and Spanish-speaking families in your region.”

Toy Lancaster, Youth Services Manager, Lexington Public Library

“Katie is a superb trainer and programmer. She is professional, experienced and effective. I have personally observed her provide ECRR2 training to teen mothers, storytimes to children and families, reference/reader’s advisory to children and adults and Day of the Book, Day of the Child programs for the entire community. As a librarian, Katie was loved and respected by both Latino and English speaking patrons. I’m proud to give her my highest recommendation.”

Bilingual Storytime at Your Biblioteca

“Everything about this class was helpful. The teachers is inspiring and the resources she provides are immediately useful. I am so glad I took this class. Please e-mail me when Katie Scherrer teaches another course.” – Katrina Bergen

“This course was both useful and enjoyable. It completely lived up to the promise of providing ideas and strategies for librarians who are interested in having a bilingual storytime program but are not bilingual themselves. It also presented bilingual storytimes in the context of a wider outreach program to the Latino community, a perspective that is important if libraries are serious about bilingual services. Finally, the course was just plain fun! I am currently staying home with my children, and they enjoyed watching the videos of stories and songs that were provided. Thanks for a great class!” – Libby Gorman

“The course was extremely helpful, especially the list of books and songs. The ideas and strategies WORK!!! I truly wish the course was longer and the teacher was very helpful with feedback and answering to any questions we had. LOVED IT! Thanks!” – Gabriela Hernandez 

“Katie is a wonderful instructor. She is always willing to answer any question, and the resources that she provides are definitely worth the time required to evaluate and study them.” – Luisa Santiago

“Bilingual Storytime at Your Biblioteca provided me with a wealth of resources that I can use to help me better serve the Spanish-speaking community in my neighborhood library. The course covered everything from books, songs, and rhymes to talking with parents about the importance of early literacy.” – Becky Shaknovich

“Wonderful class–the instructor was a very good facilitator and the content presented was top notch. I really enjoyed class discussion as well. It was great to have such active participants that shared their fantastic ideas.” – Kristi M. Floyd

“Katie was wonderful! The class was jam-packed with resources and support. I am feeling much more confident in my ability to present a bilingual storytime. Thanks!” – Lisa Knasiak

“This was a first rate class. I have learned so much that I will use. I have already recommended it to others.” – Pamela Hamlin

“This course was informative with many useful resources. The class discussions encouraged people to share ideas and experiences. I learned so much and would recommend this class to others.” – Maria Gonzales

Building Relationships, Building Bridges: Library Outreach and Marketing to Latino and Spanish-Speaking Families

“This course was invaluable in helping me to critically evaluate our department’s approach to serving our Spanish-speaking families and identify ways in which to create a more welcoming environment for all members of our community. The class helped me understand more about the cultural values and priorities involved on all sides, discover ideas and strategies for providing inclusive service and identify key areas for service partnerships both internally and externally. Thank you so much Katie for an excellent course! – Sara Hathaway